April 18, 2022

GlobeSt. Selects Bayer Properties as One of the Best Places to Work

Best Places To Work
By Erika Morphy | April 01, 2022

With more and more companies bringing their employees back to the office, now is an ideal time to examine the concept of where we work, or to be more specific, the best place to work. Conventional wisdom has it that offices must be designed for collaboration and creative work, as well as a cycling workforce that has adopted a hybrid schedule. This is, in fact, true in many cases. But we have gone further in the following pages, looking at the many moving parts that make up a good place to work. As you read through our selection of these offices, you will find there is a wide range of attributes, benefits and features that can go into a high-quality workplace and the company that provides it.

BAYER PROPERTIES At the onset of the pandemic, property and asset management firm Bayer Properties immediately equipped all employees with the necessary tools to work remotely full time. As the pandemic stabilized, Bayer Properties moved to a flexible work remote policy. Despite the Great Resignation, employee turnover at Bayer Properties remains low due to a variety of training opportunities and incentives, such as a structured bonus program, which encourages employees to seek out and complete personal and professional development opportunities. Not only do the employees benefit from personal and professional growth, but they are financially rewarded for their achievements. Founded in 1983 in Birmingham, AL, Bayer Properties now has four US offices and owns and/or operates more than eight million square feet of retail and mixed-use space across the US. The company is one of the nation’s few female-led commercial real estate firms with Jami Wadkins and Libby Lassiter serving as co-presidents. The company’s 94-person staff is comprised of 57% women; 52% of which are in the role of director or higher. “I believe Bayer’s female-driven leadership makes the company more empathetic and transparent than previous organizations I have worked at in my career,” says Bethanne Jenkins, VP of marketing at Bayer Properties. “All employees are treated equally, and no one is above doing things that may fall outside their identified job description.” The company has instituted diversity and inclusion initiatives through inclusionary hiring practices, such as utilizing historically Black colleges and universities as part of an overall employee recruitment strategy, and the firm has developed an advisory committee that focuses on inclusivity and diversity awareness. Terra Reed, senior administrative coordinator at the firm, appreciates that Bayer Properties is committed to employees’ professional and personal success. “Most importantly, it is a company that listens open-mindedly to all associates.”

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