What We Do

Everything we do revolves around our customers: the end-user, our tenants and the communities we serve.

About the wheel

The end-user is what drives success in all we do. We have designed our circle of service around the needs of the customer. When we take care of them, everything else takes care of itself.


Leasing & Merchandising

One of the reasons many of our properties are successful is because we understand the art of merchandising. We use our extensive national experience, as well as local connections, to help create a mix of brands that set our properties apart. The proof is in our results. Our leasing team consistently maintains occupancy rates that are above the industry average.



We are always on the lookout for opportunities to acquire commercial property assets that strategically and financially enhance our portfolio. This might include a joint-venture partnership or outright purchase.



Developing successful properties takes more than guesswork. We combine our deep industry knowledge with fact-based market intelligence and quantitative analysis. It gives us a cutting-edge in developing and managing mixed-use destinations that blend an ideal mix of uptrending retail, restaurants, entertainment, office, residential and service providers. In short, our goal is–as always–to create places people love.


Property Management

We are keenly aware that the customer experience is foremost when it comes to property management. The property is the first line of contact between customers and brands. Details really do matter. From landscaping to maintenance, we manage each step of the process to ensure value is not only retained but also enhanced.



To us, marketing means more than running ad campaigns. It’s about creating emotional connections with our customers. We consider economic conditions, consumer demographics, buying attitudes and local market nuances in our advertising, marketing, and social media mix. More importantly, we blend those messages with signature events and positive onsite experiences to bring the property to life.


Construction & Tenant Coordination

It goes without saying that quality and high standards are the basis for every project. One thing that sets us apart is our expertise in mixed-use properties. Whether it’s 1,000 or 1 million square feet, our years of experience in planning, budgeting, quality control, logistics, on-site management and administration of build-outs helps ensure a grand opening that is on time and on budget.


Asset Management

As much as we love making places people love, our approach to asset management is guided by the desire to maximize NOI. We increase net operating income through comprehensive leasing, alternative income, proactive facilities management, and disciplined finance and accounting. Owning and managing commercial property is a complicated business. We have an intimate knowledge of professional asset management to skillfully maximize profit.


Research & Technology

Knowledge is power and today’s technology gives us more power than ever. Research fuels data-driven leasing and marketing strategies designed to optimize center occupancy and maximize traffic and sales, increasing the overall value of the asset. We utilize a powerful combination of geo-fencing/GPS data, real-time Wi-Fi analytics, retail customer trends and behavior to define and target the best tenant mix and layout.