Our Team


Scott is driven by the belief that there is always a solution if you don’t give up too soon. In his position at Bayer, he guides new tenants through the leasing process from the beginning of the lease agreement – including capital improvement projects – right through the time they open their doors. He’s just a builder at heart and in his spare time, Scott enjoys different kinds of construction projects, from home remodeling to woodworking.

Scott Bloomston

Vice President, Tenant Coordination

At age 11, Nikki started a business where she traded dog walking for summer pool privileges. A few years later, she turned dog walking into a full-time summer job. These precocious business skills have served her well as she now leads national retail leasing for Bayer's portfolio. She places a strong emphasis on merchandising Bayer’s assets with best-in-class national retail brands in an effort to position each asset for optimal performance. Outside of work, Nikki enjoys playing clay court tennis and trying new recipes.

Nikki Columbo

Senior Vice President, National Key Accounts

Kris is a devoted family man who says his favorite hobby is watching his children play sports. When not at the sports fields, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the legal and tenant coordination departments at Bayer Properties. As a member of Bayer's lease committee, he evaluates proposed lease transactions and is responsible for assisting various departments within the company with legal issues. Little known fact: In high school, Kris was in a Kim Wilde music video that was filmed in a swamp in Louisiana.

Kristopher Holden

Executive Vice President &
General Counsel

If you want to start a conversation with Bethanne, ask her about the handbag that was named after her. When she’s not sharing that story, she’s helping to develop the marketing and story-telling that makes up the Bayer brand. Bethanne is responsible for marketing and communications strategy, tactics and programs designed to inspire and engage. When she’s not working she likes reading, traveling and binge-watching Netflix.

Bethanne Jenkins

Vice President, Marketing

Libby was the “Star Representative” of her local neighborhood McDonald’s in the late 70s. Equipped with her own private office, desk and phone - this was a big gig for a fifteen-year-old! Never afraid to take on responsibility and a challenge, she applies what she’s learned from past experiences in her role at Bayer. Libby is “chief implementer” of the company’s core values while also providing her full support to Bayer’s associates as we execute on our mission of Creating Places People Love.

Libby Lassiter


With a career spanning more than 20 years in leasing management, Paul is guided by the belief that one key to success is being patient in an impatient business. At Bayer, he provides oversight for several leasing representatives and provides guidance on deal-making with an emphasis on food & beverage and big box projects. When not at Bayer he values spending time with friends and family and is writing a book...albeit very slowly.

Paul Neuroth

Executive Vice President, Leasing

Karen’s approach to her work at Bayer is driven by her mantra that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it. In her role as Vice President of Asset Management, she oversees the financial performance and strategic direction for the Bayer-owned portfolio. Her specialties include evaluating, structuring and negotiating dispositions, deal structures, leases, and third-party agreements focused on the goal of creating and enhancing asset value. When not at Bayer, Karen enjoys time in the North Georgia mountains doing any outdoor activity from hiking to horseback riding to sporting clay shooting.

Karen Purdy

Vice President, Asset Management

Stephen says he’s ambidextrous with most activities. That’s a useful skill for his role at Bayer where his main responsibilities are supervising and supporting the accounting department. Included in those responsibilities are assisting in the day-to-day operations of the company, budgeting, tax compliance, cost accounting, treasury, and preparation of the company's financial statements.

Stephen Reese

Vice President & Controller

As Vice President of Human Resources, Stewart believes in the words of inspiration from Harriet Beecher Stowe: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” At Bayer, she guides and manages the overall provision of human resources services, policies and programs for the company. She is directly responsible for recruiting and staffing, benefits, payroll and teammate development. When not at Bayer, she enjoys photography, cooking, needlepoint and reading and is also involved with Junior League of Birmingham and the Children's Arts Guild.

Stewart Richards

Vice President, Human Resources

Doug’s favorite business quote comes from Tom Peters who said, “Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.” To Doug that’s more than a quote, it’s a mantra for the way he directs the talent at Bayer Properties. He defines his job as enabling and empowering the human talent at Bayer to successfully deliver a delightful experience for consumers while creating financial value for its partners. His business knowledge is as varied as his personal interests which includes photography, motorcycles, 5K runs, yoga and technology. To top it off, Doug admits that he’s a Taylor Swift fan, too.

Doug Schneider

Executive Vice President, Operations

As a Southern California native with Tennessee roots who now lives outside of Philadelphia, Lindsay's "coast to coast" upbringing is also reflective of his real estate assignments. He joins Bayer's leasing team with a focus in big box and anchor leasing.

Lindsay Vetzner

Vice President, Anchor Leasing

Jami believes that no problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. With that in mind, she works with the Bayer team to determine the strategic direction of the company and how to empower its' associates to execute that direction. As CFO, Jami manages financial operations for Bayer and its assets. When not working, Jami loves to travel and experience new places. She also likes to water ski and fish at the lake home she helped build. She enjoys attending concerts (especially Jason Isbell) and is an avid Bama fan.

Jami Wadkins

President & Chief Financial Officer

Jane Walker

Vice President, Business Development

As one of the only people at Bayer Properties to have performed as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, Joy knows a little something about teamwork and harmony. At Bayer, she assists the property teams in achieving goals determined for the assets they manage. This includes implementing efficient daily operations, building relationships with team members, realizing financial benchmarks and creating strategic plans to maintain a property's relevancy. Outside of work, Joy enjoys opera, classical choral music and musical theater.

Joy Wood

Vice President, Property Management

Krista is accustomed to a fast pace. As the mother of three wild kids, she is comfortable in an ever-changing environment, something she undoubtedly applies to her position of negotiating new deals and renewals while acting as a liaison between tenants and ownership for all lease-related issues. As Vice President of Leasing, Krista manages merchandising and tenancy with the goal of keeping projects relevant while increasing net operating income. When work and life get overwhelming, her motto, borrowed from a favorite mentor, is simply “show up and do the next right thing."

Krista Wood

Vice President, Leasing